Articles on How to Use Gospel Signs for Effective Witnessing

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The Hammer (a true story)

John Dan Miller felt a surge of anger as he approached a certain point on his regular weekend travel to and from Bloomfield, Ohio—the certain point just a short distance ahead where that sign was located! What would he not do if he could get hold of the person who had put it up? The sign, figuratively, had been hitting him in the face for some weeks past! (read more)

Satan's Work

Have you ever tried to calculate the square miles of advertising space given to the vending of alcohol? Do you ever ponder how many precious lives end in drunkards' graves through these advertisements and how many deaths are caused by persons under the influence of drink?

Over the broken bodies and lost souls of this multitude Satan can boast that "It pays to advertise." To counteract the devastating effect of massive hoarding advertisements, every Evangelical Church should fee responsible for a large public hoarding bearing the pure Word of God in prominent print. (read more)

The Call of God

It is amazing that many will attempt to off-set all have already said by this excuse, "I do not feel called by God to preach the gospel or give out tracts." It has always amazed me how many Christians seemed to think themselves "called" to no other service than money-making and home decoration. Brethren are engrossed in their businesses and their jobs, while their wives feel their Christian duty is to make the home a "well-feathered nest" of self-indulgence, an evident testimony to unwise stewardship. (read more)

The Gospel Camper

Ralph had not been satisfied with road signs alone but had sign painters put messages on the sides and back of the car and camper. One day as we stopped for gasoline at a service station near Richmond, a man came to Ralph introducing himself as the pastor of a Danville, Virginia, church. (read more)

To Turn Many to Righteousness

And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever. Daniel 12:3

One of the most glorious gifts ever given to the children of God has been the awesome privilege of "turning many to righteousness" as this verse puts it. However, if we are going to take part in this activity, we had better start soon. (read more) (Part 2)

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