The Call of God

It is amazing that many will attempt to off-set all I have already said by this excuse, "I do not feel called by God to preach the gospel or give out tracts." It has always amazed me how many Christians seemed to think themselves "called" to no other service than money-making and home decoration. Brethren are engrossed in their businesses and their jobs, while their wives feel their Christian duty is to make the home a "well-feathered nest" of self-indulgence, an evident testimony to unwise stewardship.

Many more feel that they are doing real service for God in visiting one another's homes every other night where they drink coffee and eat cakes and sing hymns. Now Christian fellowship is invaluable in a Christless world, but if it does not result in renewed faith in God and zeal for His service it has degenerated to mere social pleasure. How few there are who seem called of God to any work which DEMANDS SACRIFICE or BRINGS REPROACH for Christ's Name. Why is this? The great majority of Christians have picked themselves a "cushy job" in His service which never interferes with their selfish comfort and pleasure. Again some say, "I think it is of more importance to live this life." I take it then, brethren and sisters, that your daily prayer is in such language, "Lord, help me this day to glorify Thee, in loving my neighbor as myself; by seeking to further his interests before my own; by seeking his material advantage so that I may be able more easily to speak of Thee. Help me Lord to do every service I put my hand to as doing it for Thee and not myself. Help me to make every moment a holy moment by continual fellowship with Thee." Is this so, fellow-believers?

I am assured that if such is your prayer you will be unable to refrain from commending your precious Savior to your neighbor, for "out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh."

Paul exhorted the Philippian believers both to shine as lights in the world and to hold forth the Word of Life (Ch. 2:15-16) and in true Christian experience these two things are inseparables.

Let us then be honest with our own hearts and with our Gracious Master. Let us seek His reviving grace for a new beginning of love and zeal in His service.

The weapons of our warfare are Omnipotent as is the God Who gave us them. They are able to wrest Christ's lawful captives from the snares of Satan. The feeblest effort in His name can accomplish surprising results. A text, a gospel tract, which costs so little in labor or sacrifice, may have soul-saving repercussions for years to come.

Let us then, in this day of roaring sounds, ranting voices and remarkable propaganda, resolve to give the Word of God to the clamoring masses, by using methods which are consistent with righteousness. May the Holy Spirit work in convicting and saving the souls of men by our resolve to bring the Holy Scriptures before the eyes of men.

Time is short. "The coming of the Lord draweth nigh" (James 5:8).

—from a tract