Customer Testimonials


I am glad to hear your machine is purchased and you are back to making signs! Praise the Lord! I am requesting one each of #140, 247, and 250 in Black and White 2 X 3 Reflective as you have time . . .

This past fall I had a chance to introduce sign ministry to a church group on a missions trip to Chicago. The Lord really used the signs at a Subway there, not just introducing Jesus to those who hadn't heard, but also introducing sign ministry to some new Christian evangelists. Also, here in Columbus, Ohio on a walk while carrying one of your signs from my house to the Statehouse (about 10 miles round trip) I was able to share the Gospel with an ex-Christian-now-Islamic evangelist, who has continued correspondence with me. I am sending you this as a means of encouragement. God is good! May the Lord continue to bless the "signs of the times"!

Have a good Christmas!



Roger -

Thank you for your service and prayers.

We went to two new locations, one for 1 1/2 hours and the other at a popular shopping center for 2 hours. Both locations were great. All eyes from the vehicles were on God’s Word as we held the signs high enough so that all four directions of traffic could see clearly, and they were reading and reading God’s Word.

This is so awesome as God is bringing His grace to them. Thank you; the 24 signs are so beautiful. I am excited for the lost or unsaved to know Jesus’ love and grace.

God bless you and your family,




This story must have begun about four years ago, when I received the very first sign from Soon after, I placed a Bible verse decal on the window of my pick-up truck. Quickly I saw the effective witness of signs and began going to the street corners with Gospel signs. This rapidly turned into signs and tract distribution, then one-to-one witnessing, drawn from the power of the displayed Gospel signs. The Word is powerful!

I recall that once when quietly holding signs near a busy street corner, I noticed a man and a young woman, committing adultery in a vehicle in broad daylight. This situation was very uncomfortable for me, to say the least. Also, the Word on the Gospel sign clearly was taking effect upon the sinful situation.

Shortly the amorous couple ceased. The man exited and began approaching his nearby vehicle to return to his wife. I approached the man, presenting him with a Gospel tract stating, “Take this home with you.” The stunned man complied by putting the tract into his pocket and hurriedly left, thereby abandoning the lonely girl near a busy roadside, next to the street preacher.

The girl began telling me that this was her boyfriend, and she knew it was wrong since he was married. Then she began to attempt to justify herself and she wanted to talk religion, as she observed me still holding the Gospel sign. I gently, nevertheless sternly, rebuked her misguided deeds and religious spirit. I then was enabled to present the True Gospel as the only answer for her.

After a bit more discussion surrounding her sin and the Saviour, I watched as she broke into humble tears. That very day near the roadside of life, God allowed me to introduce the young woman, caught in the very act of adultery, to the “perfect man” she had been longingly searching! Standing there next to the Gospel sign, she met Jesus, the Lord. Soon her tears of shame and grief turned into a blessed rejoicing. I quickly stopped a passing motorist that I recognized as a sister from the local fellowship. Immediately the young woman who had newly received the command “Go and sin no more” and “Neither do I condemn you” began to tell of her newfound Love.

On another occasion, I took to the streets displaying Gospel signs, and almost upon arriving at a busy intersection, a passing truck made an abrupt U-turn and stopped near my location. Approaching, the driver began to rapidly explain how he was only passing through town from out of state. As he passed, he “noticed a man holding a Bible sign.”

He next opened his conversation with, “You must be a man of God.” I quizzically ask why he would say this. “Well, who else would stand here displaying Bible signs?” he replied matter-of-factly. As he began to open the verbal pages of his story, he explained that he did not attend Church anyplace. He also began emotionally to share that he did not know any “real Christians” but that he needed to talk and pray with someone, because his brother had recently been “murdered by some methamphetamine dealers.” He confessed that he had considered revenge.

We then discussed what the Bible teaches, and talked about spiritual comfort. Mostly I listened as he poured out his brokenness and angry fear. We prayed over many matters. He left still lost, probably, or at least without an understanding faith; but he heard and saw a Word from God that day. Who knows, maybe to encounter the next Gospel witness up the road!

As he was leaving, he just kept repeating his gratitude and thankfulness for someone being in public with a “Bible sign.”

I have over the preceding four years been afforded the opportunity to witness and preach open-air to what probably exceeds over one million souls. I have witnessed face-to-face with thousands, all by this grace of God.

I have rejoiced in my day-to-day, to take Gospel signs to the highways and hedges, along the by-ways and back roads of the U.S.A. God has made me a witness unto Himself from the great state of Texas to as far north as Chicago, Illinois, and on to Washington D.C. All because after placing my faith in His crucified, buried, risen and ascended Son, the Lord Jesus, I then placed a Gospel verse on my vehicle, and took my trembling knees and legs to a sidewalk, and lifted into the air, a Gospel sign.

- Larry