Through the Eye of a Needle




Chapter 1-What is a Doctrine
Chapter 2-What is Nonaccumulation
Chapter 3-Stop...Consider
Chapter 4-Interpretting Scripture
Chapter 5-The 1st Main Pillar
Chapter 6-The 2nd Main Pillar
Chapter 7-Testing the Pillars
Chapter 8-Lesson from History
Chapter 9-Beware of Covetousness
Chapter 10-The Why of Nonaccumulation
Chapter 11-But What About Ananias & Sapphira
Chapter 12-But What About the Parable of the Talents
Chapter 13-The Parable of the Unjust Steward
Chapter 14-More Objections to Nonaccumulation
Chapter 15-Has Anyone Else Taught this Doctrine?
Chapter 16-In Other Words
Chapter 17-The Real Mistake of the Rich Young Ruler
Chapter 18-An Exchange of Values
Chapter 19-Practically Speaking
Chapter 20-The Witnesses
Chapter 21-Frank, the Wise Investor
Chapter 22-Finally Brethren
Appendix-TheCommands of Christ on the Use of Possessions
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